Weekly Oil Inventories Reports

The API data yesterday showed across the board builds. The API reported a small build in crude oil stocks versus an expectation for a modest decline in crude oil inventories of about 0.5 million barrels as crude oil imports increased and refinery run rates also decreased by 1.4%. The API reported basically no change in gasoline stocks versus projections for a modest build and an expected build in distillate fuel inventories.

The market was expecting a modest draw in crude oil stocks and a modest build in gasoline and distillate fuel inventories this week. The report is somewhat bearish for the entire complex. The report has resulted in selling in the market overnight. The market remains hostage to the evolving situation in Europe that has been unfolding once again this week, with inventory data a secondary driver. The API reported a build of about 0.5 million barrels of crude oil with a 0.1 million barrel build in Cushing and a build of about 1 million barrels in PADD 2. This is bullish for the Brent/WTI price spread, which has been somewhat range bound since the middle of November. On the week, gasoline stocks were about unchanged while distillate fuel stocks built by about 1.2 million barrels.

The more widely watched EIA data will be released this morning.  Whether or not the market will react to anything that comes out of the EIA this morning will be dependent on what revolves around Europe today.

Oil remains mostly coupled to the direction of the USD and the euro and will remain in this pattern for the foreseeable future or until Europe moves into the background. At the moment all market participants are continuing to follow the tick by tick direction of equities and the U.S. dollar (driven by Europe), as they are both the primary price drivers for oil. Even with the fundamentals and geopolitics starting to impact price, it is the macro trade that dominates at the moment. As such this week’s oil inventory report could remain a secondary price driver at best and only impact price direction if the actual EIA data is noticeably outside of the range of market expectations for the report.


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