About Jackson W. Mueller, Jr. Energy Consultant

I have helped dozens of companies save an average of 20% on natural gas purchases and 10-40% on electricity purchases.  I provide my clients with daily and weekly energy market analyses, forecasts, and recommendations.  I speak at energy conferences and contribute to major energy publications including daily comments in Restructuring Today.  I have developed an international network of energy marketers, utilities, producers, and consultants enabling me to forecast energy trends and buying opportunities.

I have also developed and implemented advocacy efforts in many U.S. states and countries in South, Central and North America to protect end-users against energy price risks.  I have testified before the U.S. Senate Energy Committee and the Federal Trade Commission on energy policy needs of end-users.  I have testified multiple times before the California Public Utilities Commission and California legislative energy committees on needed improvements to electric deregulation.  I have participated as an end-user representative in energy trade associations throughout the U.S., including the American Forest and Paper Association, National Association of Manufacturers, and local organizations.  I also provide expert witness testimony on gas and electric market practices.

I have been in the energy business since 1970 following graduation from California State University, Long Beach with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering.  At Pacific Gas & Electric for 17 years, I learned the utility business, as well as the needs of dozens of industrial and commercial clients and the best ways to serve those needs.  During this time I obtained my Master of Business Administration and taught electrical engineering at the local community college.

In 1987, Simpson Investment Company recruited me as their Director of Energy.  Applying risk management principles, I saved them $62 million on electricity costs, $28 million in 2001 alone.  I also led a team of legal, financial, engineering and operating personnel to market and sell three pulp and paper cogeneration facilities for $109 million net of operating expenses.  Known as an “Energy Island”, I was one of the first to pioneer its creation, the process of wholly outsourcing the energy assets and requirements of a manufacturing facility.

My success led the Simpson owners to suggest and support the launch of my consulting practice in 1997.  The goal was to share my expertise in energy procurement and risk management with other businesses.  The Simpson owners believed that helping others would enhance my value to them, and it did.  I enjoy helping my clients and would love to help you too. Learn more at http://www.jwmueller.com/

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